Neumann Executive Search Partners brings decades of experience partnering with renowned colleges and universities across the United States to identify and recruit exceptional individuals. Spanning academic and administrative areas, our expertise and process enable our clients to identify and attract talented leaders who will help define and advance the mission and vision of the institutions they join.

Our Strong Partnerships

We partner with a broad range of institutions - private and public; selective liberal arts colleges, large research universities, and academic medical centers; mission-driven and faith-based; young and established.

Our Broad Network

We conduct leadership searches at every level - directors and chairs; senior vice presidents and deans; institute directors, and presidents and provosts. Our relationships with senior academic and administrative leaders have led to an extensive network of potential candidates and sources through the over 300 searches we have conducted. Our network extends beyond higher education to government agencies, consulting firms, and the private sector, ensuring that the widest variety of potential candidates is considered.

Our Engagement with Diversity

We value the diversity of our team, the institutions with whom we work, and our network. Our clients’ commitment to diversity and inclusion is of great importance to us. We support this commitment by working closely with our clients and with search committees whose processes and hiring practices support inclusion and address unconscious biases. We work assiduously to bring together candidate pools with strong representation of historically underrepresented groups.

Our National Presence

Based in Boston, with offices in Detroit, New York City, and Washington, DC, our practice extends across the nation. Being on site at client institutions, meeting with candidates, and sharing information at conferences, takes us from Brooklyn to Berkeley, Minneapolis to Miami, and everywhere in between.

Our Lasting Relationships

Our deep knowledge of the higher education landscape and our methodical, individualized process, lead to enduring relationships with individuals and with institutions. Our commitment to our clients and the individuals we meet is demonstrated by a high proportion of repeat business; 60% of our searches are a return to campus, and many of our searches at new institutions are based on referrals from clients and candidates with whom we have worked.

Our Highly Consultative Approach

By limiting the number of searches we conduct simultaneously, we are able to spend time on the goals, culture, and constituencies of our client organizations. We conduct on-campus and virtual conversations, and we get to know our potential candidates well through multiple conversations over time. As a result, we effectively engage the most promising candidates and recruit those whose experiences, capabilities, and attributes most closely align with our client’s vision for success.